Program Selection

Parents may enrol their child for a minimum of two days, and up to five days per week. Pricing is dependant on the level of participation as illustrated in the following table.

* Please note that children aged 2 years, 4 months to 3 years (as of their starting month) can start at 2 days per week for a period of 4 months after which they are required to increase to 3+ days/week.

Enrollment Level
(# of days per week)
(with duty days)
(no duty days)
5 days$515/month$680/month
4 days$450/month$590/month
3 days$385/month$505/month
2 days *$280/month$380/month

If you are registering for less than 5 days, you may request which days you wish to enrol your child.

Registration Process

Registration for current or returning families is currently underway, and continues throughout the year. Admission is based upon a first-come first-served basis.

Contact the Registrar to confirm that spots are available and then complete your enrolment package. The enrolment package must be fully completed, with the necessary cheques and forms, and returned to the registrar. Your child will not be able to attend until all of the required information is received.