Can I register my child during the course of the school year?
Yes. We have ongoing enrolment as long as there is space. Please contact our Registrar for more information.

What month can my child start school?
Manor Road Nursery’s program has been developed for children ages 2 1/2 to 4 years old. Children may enter the school on the first day of the month in which they are 2 1/2, if there is a space available. Exceptions for eligibility can be considered for a child to start as young as 2 years 4 months.

How many days per week can I enroll my child?
Children may be enrolled two to five days per week. Children aged 2 years 4 months to 3 years can start at 2 days/week for a period of 4 months after which they are required to increase to 3+ days/week. Our teachers strongly suggest a minimum of 3 days per week to ensure a more fluid separation and transition into school. Being in school more days than not allows children the opportunity to solidify bonds with the staff and become accustomed to classroom routines.

Can I request which days of the week I would like my child to attend school?
Yes. We offer a very flexible enrolment. If you are enrolling for less than 5 days per week, you can request which days you wish to enrol your child.

Does my child have to be toilet trained to come to Manor Road Co-op?
It is preferred; however, we recognize that this is not always possible. We request that if the child is not toilet trained, that the child keep diapers and wipes along with a complete change of clothing at the school in case of accidents.

Why are your prices lower than other comparable schools in the neighbourhood? How are you still able to offer quality programming at this price?
As a non-profit, co-op preschool, we are able to offer lower tuition prices because of family involvement. Each family has a role which helps with the operation of the school, whether its giving tours, organizing field trips, or making play dough. This keeps our costs low so we can still offer a high quality program that includes Sportball, Music, Spanish and fieldtrips.

A Co-operative School

How does a co-op differ from other preschools? 
Parental involvement allows you to be a part of your child’s first preschool experience through duty days and committee involvement. It promotes a community support system, enriches the nursery school program and helps make each child secure in the knowledge that his/her parents value the school. Because the members manage the school, our fees are generally lower than other preschools. 

Since Manor Road Co-op is a parent run co-operative school, the members are responsible for the day to day running of the school. Families contribute to the school either by sitting on the board to manage the school (consisting of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity, Fundraising and Registrar) or by joining one of the following Committees to maintain the school and program (Maintenance, Telephone/Email, Fundraising, Newsletter, Housekeeping, Trips and Books, Social, Purchasing, Publicity, Registrar and Duty Roster). 

How much time is involved?
Committee work requires 1-3 hours per month, depending on the committee and the time of year. Executive positions require a greater time commitment, but are rewarding and fun. 

What Co-operative responsibilities are mandatory for parents? 

  • participation on a committee or on the Board
  • assist in fundraising events
  • assist in the end of year clean up - we ask families to donate a two hour time block to help clean and pack up our classroom (if parents are not able to make arrangements to be there, they have the option of paying $40.00 that will go towards paying hired help 
  • attendance at General Meetings - we hold two general meetings per year which one parent from each family must attend 

How often do I have to participate as a duty day parent?
One to three duty parents are required each day depending on enrolment. The number of duty days scheduled will vary depending on the enrolment in the school and the number of participating families. The average number of duty days required are: 

2 day program - up to 2 days/month
3 day program - up to 3 days/month
4 day program - up to 4 days/month
5 day program - up to 4 days/month 

What do I have to do when I am on duty? 
The duty parent becomes a teacher, models the teacher’s methods, and aids the teachers as directed. Each duty parent has specific responsibilities, such as preparing the snack, taking the children to the washroom, helping the children get dressed for outside play or monitoring an activity. 

Do I have to do duty days? I work full time.
Duty days may be “worked” by mother, father or other caregiver (nannies,grandparents, etc). Manor Road Co-op does offer non-participating placements at an additional fee. 

Is there a non-committee option?
As a Co-operative, at least one parent from each family is required to be an officer of the Board or a member of one of the committees even if the family has chosen to be non-participating. Please refer to the Parent Handbook for more details of these roles and responsibilities.

We understand that not all families are able to work in a board/committee position. The School has allocated a limited number of spots for families to have the choice to opt out of the commitment of a board/committee position. There is a $100.00 per month fee to cover the cost of your position should you wish to opt out. This is subject to board approval.

Our Program

What is the staff to student ratio? 
Our ratio is 1:5 or better. We have three E.C.E. Certified teachers on staff. Teachers are supplemented with volunteer support from participating families who have children enrolled at the school. Depending on the number of children in attendance on a particular day, there may be anywhere from one to four family volunteers working with the staff. The maximum number of children on a given day is 24.

Do you offer special needs programming? 
Yes. Depending on the child’s individual needs, we offer appropriate programming for that child. Inclusion is part of our program.

Do you have an allergy policy?
We have a strict peanut/nut allergy policy and will do our best to accommodate any child’s allergy needs. 

How are snacks/refreshments handled?
We offer a well balanced and nutritious snack that is prepared on site. The snack menu varies daily and is kept in the classroom. 


Why does Manor Road Co-op fundraise?
Since we are a non-profit organization, we rely on fundraising to help us with the day-to-day running of our school and to enhance our program.

What types of fundraisers do you have?
We have several exciting fundraising initiatives throughout the year which include an annual Trike-a-thon, Silent Auction and Scholastic Book Club to name a few.

Contact Us

How do I contact the school?
For general information and to report an absence, call the school at 416-489-9554.

For registration inquiries, please contact the registrar.

Do I need to make an appointment for a tour of the school?
Individual tours can be arranged any time by appointment. We also have open houses throughout the year where everyone is welcome to tour the facility.