Family Involvement at Manor Road Co-op Nursery

At Manor Road Co-op Nursery School, every family helps run the school. Participating families do “duty days”, and all families have a position either on a committee or on the Board. Because we are a not-for-profit registered charity, the school counts on its families to support the staff in the day to day operation of the school. This way the school keeps its expenses low and is able to offer a fantastic program with a great teacher/child ratio.

Duty Days

Most of our families are “participating”. This means that a representative of the family (most often the mother, but we have many fathers, nannies and grandparents or other caregivers) spends anywhere from 1-4 mornings a month at the schools as a supporting “staff member” (frequency depends on our level of enrolment and which program the family is in). 

Duty days are the reason many families choose to come to Manor Road Co-op. It offers parents a unique opportunity to be right there in the program with their child. There are countless benefits for the families as well as the school. Some of the responsibilities a duty parent might have on a given day are preparing the snack, taking the children to the washroom, helping the children get dressed for outside play or monitoring an activity. It’s a great way to watch your child interact in a social setting and it’s a pleasure to get to know the other children, parents and staff too. 

Families may have the option not to do duty days. We offer “non-participating” spots. Families who choose this option pay higher tuition fees.

Board Of Directors

Manor Road Co-op is run by a parent volunteer Board. Every June, a new Board is elected for the following school year. There are seven Board positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Registrar, Secretary, Publicity, and Fundraising. 

Board positions require more of your time and commitment than committee positions. The Board holds monthly meetings (usually in the evenings for approximately two hours). The only position that requires any experience is Treasurer. All the other positions can easily be done by anyone who has some time and interest. Some reasons for becoming a Board member include:

  • gaining a greater understanding of how the school operates 
  • having a say in decisions that affect your child’s education 
  • doing some great volunteer work
  • learning valuable skills
  • getting to know the staff
  • making new friends/contacts and networking


Families who are not on the board are on a committee. We have many committees including Maintenance, Telephone/Email, Fundraising, Newsletter, Housekeeping, Trips and Books, Social, Purchasing, Publicity, Registrar and Duty Roster. Each committee liaises with a Board member to ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities and contemplates whatever jobs they need to do. 

Our hope is that each family volunteers as much time as they are comfortable with, so that all our families are happy with what they are contributing and the school runs efficiently and effectively.